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Here are a few simple things that members and non-members alike can do to help us all out in the fight for lefthand equality.

  • Please stop referring to lefthanders as "southpaws" or "lefties." We find these terms demeaning. Instead you may use "lefthanders," "lefthanded people," or "persons of lefthandedness"
  • Please stop using that horrible handyman's phrase "righty-tighty lefty-loosey." This represents a gross misrepresentation of lefthanders as having loose morals or suffering from disorganization. In general, neither of these is true. We propose instead to use the mnemonic "CW-IN, CCW-OUT," with the letter count as the memory jog.
  • Consider using "correct" instead of "right" to affirm a question or assumption. If you consider both "left" and "wrong" as antonyms of "right" then you place persons of leftness in an extremely bad light.
  • In practicing the above three, make an effort to get other people to do the same