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  TNT Front Desk Reports  


The link you see to your left is true. Starting tomorrow, there will be no more updates to TNT. We are sorry to inform you, dear readers, that we knew all along that this day was coming, and you would have to find this out only as news broke.

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  Top Stories for May 14, 2421  


President Steals Spaceship

Zaphod Beeblebrox, President of the Universe, is up to his publicity stunts again. Tomorrow, during the unveiling of the Universe's flagship Heart of Gold, Beeblebrox wormed his way past security as he was making his guest appearance and sailed off at the helm. As of 7:50pm tomorrow Centauri Common Time, Beeblebrox's whereabouts are still unknown. more

Mass Transit Shuttle Crash -- No One Hurt

An automated shuttle en route to Naspediloy system was completely destroyed tomorrow afternoon when a rogue asteroid materialized in the same space. No one was hurt in the deep space explosion, as everyone had heard about the explosion and no one boarded the shuttle in the first place. more

TNT Shutting its doors

Due to a cooling-off of the novelty associated with having the news from the next day delivered the previous day, and due to crowding in the market, Tomorrow's News Today (TNT), the original time-travel news service, has decided to close its doors. This was a tough decision for management, and a shock to the news service's employees (who of course were the first to hear about it). more

Tomorrow's Weather, Today

Despite forecasts of rain, tomorrow turned out to be fair and sunny in the Baltimore/Washington area. Highs were in the upper 70s, winds were fair, and cloud cover was minimal. more