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Tomorrow's Weather, Today

Despite forecasts of rain, tomorrow turned out to be fair and sunny in the Baltimore/Washington area. Highs were in the upper 70s, winds were fair, and cloud cover was minimal.

The radar report indicated that rainclouds that were expected to move into the area instead were diverted north by an unexpectedly strong wind coming off the ocean. This wind system also brought in the maritime tropic air mass from the south, bringing with it seasonably warm temperatures. Barometric pressure remained steady around 30.4 inches of mercury.

Expect this trend to continue. Two days from now the high was in the mid 80s and the low was in the lower 60s. That high-low system continued on through Thursday and Friday this week. Saturday the circular wind system hovering north of Maryland brought back the rainclouds, so don't make plans for any fishing trips or yard work that day. Sunday there were scattered showers in the morning tapering off by lunchtime. Expect mostly cloudy skies with a high of 74.