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Mass Transit Shuttle Crash
No One Hurt

An automated shuttle en route to Naspediloy system was completely destroyed tomorrow afternoon when a rogue asteroid materialized in the same space. No one was hurt in the deep space explosion, as everyone had heard about the explosion and no one boarded the shuttle in the first place.

The wreckage is in no danger of harming nearby planets or star systems, as the shuttle was approximately four light-years from the nearest star system. The origin of the materializing asteroid is unknown, but experts believe it to be a result of the pluralized section of space in which the shuttle was traveling. (The plural sector has a rapidly oscillating probability axis, which causes random and improbable things to happen with alarming frequency)

A replacement shuttle filled in the spot of the destroyed one three days from now. However, organizers of the shuttle routes are considering a modification to the route which would add 3 hours to the already 18-hour ride. This new route would circle the fringes of the plural sector, minimizing the chance of recurrence.

The aforementioned organizers were unavailable for comment.