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TNT Shutting its Doors

Due to a cooling-off of the novelty associated with having the news from the next day delivered the previous day, and due to crowding in the market, Tomorrow's News Today (TNT), the original time-travel news service, has decided to close its doors. This was a tough decision for management, but no shock to the news service's employees (who, knowing this day would come since the service started, mounted a plaque on the wall of the newsroom long ago with the date May 15, 2421 stamped on it).

Tomorrow the management of TNT (NYSE: TNT) announced its plans to sell off the assets of TNT, including news archives and time-travel equipment, and dissolve the company. The report stated that a long string of unsuccessful attempts at a buyout, due to the glut of similar sites, forced this decision.

TNT is regarded as both a pioneer and a blemish in the annals of news media history. More than 50 years ago, the company made headlines by becoming the first news source to report on stories before they happened, by employing a team of reporters that time-shifted their news reports to the previous day. As a result, fewer tragedies and unexpected events occurred due to the public knowing about them in advance. At the same time, newsworthy events often became massive spectator events as the advance knowledge often prompted the public to visit groundbreaking and exciting events.

As the market for traditional news shriveled, the future news market became saturated with competing services. As an inevitable result, this cutthroat industry started losing many of its member firms. That is where the industry stands now, and TNT is just the latest victim.

In parting, the staff of TNT has but one thing to say to its loyal readers:

"So long, and thanks for all the fish."